What is another word for in profusion?

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[ ɪn pɹəfjˈuːʒən], [ ɪn pɹəfjˈuːʒən], [ ɪ_n p_ɹ_ə_f_j_ˈuː_ʒ_ə_n]

The phrase "in profusion" is often used to describe an abundant or excessive quantity of something. There are several synonyms for this term, including "in abundance," "plentifully," "copiously," "lavishly," "generously," "in excess," and "in great quantities." These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context of the sentence. For example, instead of saying "flowers were growing in profusion," one could say "flowers were growing in abundance." Or, instead of saying "she had jewelry in profusion," one could say "she had jewelry in great quantities." Each synonym conveys a similar meaning and can be used to add variety to your writing or speech.

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    How to use "In profusion" in context?

    In profusion is a word that means "abundant," and it's used to describesomething that's too plentifulto be used for its original purpose. Examples of things that are often in profusion are flowers, fruit, and music. It can also be used to describe an event or situation that's too exciting or overwhelming to deal with.

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