What is another word for in solvency?

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Insolvency is a financial scenario where an individual or a business entity fails to pay its pending debts. In the face of insolvency, one can opt for insolvency proceedings, which could result in liquidation, bankruptcy or a debt reorganization plan. However, there are some synonyms to the term "insolvency" that may come handy for individuals and businesses. Bankruptcy, liquidation, and insufficiency are some common synonyms for insolvency. In addition, financial instability, financial distress and financial ruin are also effective synonyms that indicate situations similar to insolvency. Knowing these synonyms of insolvency could be useful when discussing financial failures or while contemplating financial strategies to avoid such situations.

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How to use "In solvency" in context?

In solvency, a company is said to be solvent if it has the financial means to cover its short-term obligations. Companies that are not solvent may be unable to meet their financial obligations or may be required to undergo a bankruptcy or restructuring to restore their viability.

A company's solvency can be judged in a variety of ways, including the company's ability to pay its long-term debts and stockholders, its level of debt relative to its capital, and its cash flow from operations.

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