What is another word for in temperance?

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Intemperance, the lack of self-control, can lead to a range of negative consequences. However, there is a multitude of words that can be used to describe this behavior. For example, some synonyms for intemperance include excessiveness, unrestraint, indulgence, and immoderation. All of these words describe a lack of restraint and self-discipline. Other synonyms for intemperance include profligacy, dissoluteness, and debauchery, which suggest more extreme versions of overindulgence. Ultimately, whether it's labeled intemperance or one of its synonyms, it's clear that these behaviors can have adverse effects on both individuals and society as a whole.

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    Left to their own devices, most humans naturally gravitate towards things that stimulate their senses and make them feel good. Unfortunately, this includes things like eating high-calorie foods and drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, over time these things can lead to weight gain and other health problems. Considered together, these problems form what is generally referred to as "in temperance."

    Temperance is the philosophy that recommends moderation in all things. It recommends that humans avoid things that are too stimulating and make them feel good, in favor of things that are more sustainable and healthy.

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