What is another word for in-sincerities?

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Insincerities are defined as the act of saying or doing something with an insincere intention. There are several synonyms that could be used to describe such insincere behaviors. One such synonym is "disingenuousness," which refers to a lack of sincerity or truthfulness. Another synonym is "hypocrisy," which refers to the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform. Other synonyms for insincerities include "deceitfulness," "duplicity," and "falsehood." All of these words describe behaviors or actions that are insincere, misleading, or dishonest. They all convey the idea that someone's behavior is inauthentic and not to be trusted.

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How to use "In-sincerities" in context?

Most people, when they think of sincerity, would imagine a earnest, unquestioning, and emotionally charged stance, as if one is constantly telling the absolute truth. And while this is admittedly one type of sincerity, it is not the only one. in-sincerities are also characterized by being reasonable, levelheaded, and thoughtful.

An in-sincerity is someone who is reasonable, levelheaded, and thoughtful, and who uses these qualities to think about and evaluate situations and their implications. This is necessary because thinking carefully about a situation helps one make well-informed decisions.

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