What is another word for incendiary?

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The word "incendiary" can be defined as something that is used as a means of starting a fire or causing destruction. Some synonyms for this word include fiery, explosive, combustible, blazing, and flammable. These words all describe objects or materials that can easily catch fire and cause serious damage. Another synonym for "incendiary" is inflammatory, which refers to language or actions that are meant to incite anger or cause a reaction. This word can be used to describe political speeches or social media posts that are designed to provoke a strong emotional response. Other possible synonyms for "incendiary" might include provocative, agitating, or instigating.

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How to use "Incendiary" in context?

When used as a verb, the definition of incendiary refers to the act of igniting something with heat, such as a fire. As a noun, incendiary refers to any material, device, or device that can produce fire by means of an ignition source.

As recently as the mid-19th century, incendiary was commonly used to refer to any object, natural or manmade, that could set fires. Today, the word is most commonly used to describe devices used to start fires, most notably bombs, grenades, and rockets.

When used as a verb, incendiary typically refers to an intentional act.

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