What is another word for incongruous?

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Incongruous is a word that describes something that is out of place, out of sync, or incompatible. Some common synonyms for incongruous include mismatched, unsuitable, conflicting, discordant, inappropriate, and incompatible. Additional synonyms for incongruous are dissonant, disparate, divergent, unharmonious, and unseemly. These words all imply a lack of cohesion, harmony, or consistency, and suggest that two things are not quite right together. Antonyms for incongruous include congruous, consistent, harmonious, and fitting, which all suggest that things are well-matched and in balance. When describing something that doesn't quite fit or is out of place, there are plenty of synonyms to choose from.

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How to use "Incongruous" in context?

The word "incongruous" is derived from the Latin word "incongruus," meaning "not in keeping with." Incongruous things can be comical or confusing, but they are always oddly amusing. For example, a policeman dressed as a pirate. Or a doctor who roller skates to work. Incongruous elements can be found in all sorts of things, from the mundane to the extraordinary.

One of the most famous examples of an incongruous object is the Mona Lisa.

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