What is another word for incur?

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Incur is a verb that means to bring about, suffer or become subject to something, typically an unpleasant consequence or liability. Some synonyms for 'incur' include acquire, bear, earn, assume, provoke, cause, contract, invite, and attract. For instance, instead of saying "I incurred a lot of debts," we can say, "I accumulated a lot of debts" or "I assumed a lot of debts." Similarly, instead of saying, "The company incurred significant losses," we can say, "The company suffered significant losses" or "The company attracted significant losses." Using synonyms helps to add variety to our writing and can make it sound more interesting and engaging.

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How to use "Incur" in context?

Incur means to cause, bring upon oneself, or suffer due to (a matter, action, or condition):

The bill incurred a significant penalty for late payment.

The accident incurred significant damage to both vehicles.

The injury incurred as a result of the fall will require months of rehabilitation.

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