What is another word for indemnification?

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Indemnification, which refers to protection against financial loss resulting from legal action, has several synonyms. Compensation is one such term, indicating recompense for damages or loss. Restitution, another similar word, refers to the act of restoring someone to their original condition prior to an injury or loss. Reimbursement indicates the act of repaying expenses incurred due to a particular event. Remuneration, a similar word, denotes payment given to compensate for services rendered. Other synonyms for indemnification include repayment, satisfaction, and redress, all of which relate to the compensation for loss or damages caused by a particular event or circumstance.

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    An indemnification clause is a clause in a contract, that allows either party to the contract to reimburse the other party for any losses or expenses that the other party may incur as a result of the contract. indemnification clauses are often found in contracts between businesses and their customers.

    An indemnification clause is a protection for business parties in commercial contracts against potential losses and expenses that may arise from the other party's breach of the contract. Insurers often require indemnification clauses in breach of contract claims. The rationale behind this is that the business should be responsible for the cost of defending itself, even if the breach was not its fault.

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