What is another word for infest?

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Infest is a term used to describe the presence of a large number of unwanted living organisms in a particular area or space. Some synonyms for the term include overrun, invade, occupy, pervade, and swarm. Other synonyms include teem, flood, colonize, inundate, and populate. Each of these terms describes the spread and proliferation of an organism or group of organisms in a particular area. Infestations can occur in a variety of settings, including homes, offices, and natural environments. When dealing with an infestation, it is important to take prompt and appropriate action to eliminate the presence of unwanted organisms and prevent them from returning.

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    How to use "Infest" in context?

    When someone says they're infested, they're not just talking about their home - they're talking about being surrounded by something that's making them uncomfortable. That something can be anything from a pesky pet to a damp, musty room. It can be any little thing that's making life uncomfortable, and it's often difficult to identify and deal with the cause.

    Sometimes, infestations just happen. A pet may get out of control, and a room may slowly become damp and musty. Other times, infestations can be the result of something Someone's doing - like forgetting to clean something regularly, or leaving trash around.

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