What is another word for inflamed?

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Inflamed is a word used to describe a state of irritation or swelling. There are several synonyms for the word inflamed, including: irritated, swollen, red, sore, tender, sensitive, raw, angry, and hot. Each of these words is a suitable alternative to describe a physical or emotional state of inflammation. The word irritated can be utilized to describe a mild state of discomfort or annoyance, while swollen and red signify a more severe physical inflammation. Sore and tender suggest discomfort or pain when touched, and sensitive and raw suggest discomfort or pain even when untouched. Angry and hot can be used to describe intense emotional states of inflammation or irritation.

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    There are certain things that can set off a flare-up in the skin. It could be something as simple as a harsh fragrance, a new clothing line that someone you know is wearing, or even the wind blowing losely. There are a variety of things that can inflame the skin and cause a reaction. The most common triggers for skin inflammation include: accidently getting a sunburn, windburn, contact with poison ivy, and a skin blush from a sunburn. Just because you have a Flare-Up doesn't mean you HAVE to go to the ER. There are treatments available that can help soothe and heal the skin.

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