What is another word for inflammatory?

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When describing inflammatory language or behavior, it may be helpful to have a variety of synonyms in order to convey the appropriate level of emotion. Some synonyms for "inflammatory" include incendiary, provocative, contentious, agitational, and instigative. Other words such as inflammatory can also include inflammatory, seditious, rabble-rousing, contentious, and antagonistic. It is important to choose the right synonym that accurately captures the level and tone of the behavior or language you are describing. Inflammatory language can lead to division and conflict, so using a synonym that fits the situation accurately can be helpful in defusing tensions and promoting constructive dialogue.

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How to use "Inflammatory" in context?

Inflammation is a natural response to injury or infection. It helps the body defend itself by increasing blood flow and white blood cell production. It can help to clear up the infection or injury. However, inflammation can also be harmful if it's not controlled.

Types of Inflammation

There are three types of inflammation: acute, chronic, and autoimmune.

Acute inflammation: Acute inflammation is the body's response to an infection or injury. It's short-lived and generally mild, but it can lead to pain, swelling, and a feeling of warmth.

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