What is another word for infliction?

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Infliction is a word often associated with pain and suffering. However, there are several synonyms available to describe the act of causing harm to others. Such synonyms include the terms "imposition," "affliction," "torment," and "anguish." Additionally, the words "burden," "stress," and "strain" can also be used to describe the negative impact that one might have on another person. Each of these synonyms brings a nuanced understanding to the meaning of infliction, providing readers with a variety of words that can be used to communicate the harm that one person might cause to another.

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How to use "Infliction" in context?

To inflict is to cause injury or harm. infliction can be intentional or accidental. Intentional infliction of harm is usually referred to as assault. Assault can be a criminal act, such as punching someone in the face, or it can be an act of violence, such as stabbing someone. Infliction can also refer to environmental damage, such as flooding a building or contaminating a water supply. Accidental inflicttion of harm can occur when something slips out of someone's hand and injures someone else.

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