What is another word for inherently?

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[ ɪnhˈi͡əɹəntli], [ ɪnhˈi‍əɹəntli], [ ɪ_n_h_ˈiə_ɹ_ə_n_t_l_i]

When we use the term "inherently," we refer to something that is an inseparable part of a certain thing or system. We can use different words instead of "inherently" to give extra emphasis to what we mean. Some synonyms for "inherently" include fundamentally, intrinsically, inherently, essentially, and inherently. We can also use words like inherently, naturally, automatically, and innately to emphasize the automatic nature of something. Similarly, we can use words like ingrained, indelible, or integral to stress the importance or permanence of something. By using these synonyms, we can bring depth and clarity to our writing and make our language more interesting.

How to use "Inherently" in context?

Inherently, something is always present or inherent. It is baked into the nature of the thing, or it is something that always happens as a result of the thing. For example, a basketball is inherently round. Every time the ball is bounced, it bounces in a round shape. This is due to the laws of physics and the way the ball is made.

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