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Injection refers to the process of administering a substance into the body, usually through a needle. Various words could portray the action of injection, including inoculation, infusion, introduction, and instillation. All these words imply the transfer of substances or liquids into the body parts to achieve a specific purpose. Inoculation indicates the introduction of a vaccine or a preparation that boosts immunity against a specific disease. Infusion, on the other hand, refers to the continuous injection of medications into veins, often used in the hospital. Introduction and instillation imply introducing a liquid substance into the body's specific organ for medical or therapeutic purposes.

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How to use "Injection" in context?

Injection is a body process that focuses on the intake of substances into one or more body cavities. Injection can be general, in which any substance is injected, or specific, in which a substance is injected into a specific body part. The term "injection" can also refer to an injection device.

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