What is another word for Inked?

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The word "inked" can be replaced with other synonyms to avoid repetition and add variety to sentence structure. Alternative words for "inked" include "tattooed," "etched," "imprinted," "branded," "stamped," and "engraved." These words are perfect when describing the process of permanently marking something, as in describing a tattoo artist or markings on a surface. Additionally, "signed," "written," and "printed" are also interchangeable with "inked," particularly when referring to signatures or written documents. When looking for synonyms for "inked," the context and tone of the sentence should be considered to choose the most appropriate replacement word.

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    Inked is the story of badass tattoo artists who risk more than the average person to make their art official. From the wild and zany world of underground tattooing to the high stakes and highspeed world of professional bodypainting, Inked takes viewers on a wild ride through the life of a tattoo artist. With the help of some of the most eccentric and fascinating characters in tattooing, Inked tells the story of one of the most misunderstood and dangerous art forms.

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