What is another word for inoculation?

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Inoculation refers to the process of introducing a substance, such as a vaccine or serum, into the body in order to create immunity against a particular disease. Synonyms for inoculation include vaccination, immunization, injection, shot, jab, and prick. These terms refer to the various methods of introducing a substance into the body, including oral, intramuscular, and subcutaneous administration. Other related words include prophylaxis, which refers to the prevention of disease, and serology, which refers to the study of serum and antibody reactions. Understanding the nuances of these words is essential for effective communication in the healthcare and medical industries.

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    Inoculation is the process of injecting a person with a dose of a particular disease or virus to prepare them for when that disease or virus is encountered in the future. This is done to help reduce the chances that the person will catch the disease or virus and become severely ill.

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