What is another word for inopportune?

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Inopportune is an adjective that generally means inconvenient or unsuitable. If you're looking for synonyms to use in place of the word inopportune, there are plenty of options. You could use the word "untimely," which suggests something happening at the wrong time or before it's expected. Alternatively, "ill-timed" conveys a similar meaning and could work in the same context. The word "unfortunate" could also describe events that are inopportune, while "awkward" or "embarrassing" could work for social situations that are inconvenient. If you're looking for more formal language, you might consider "inconvenient," "troublesome," or "unsuitable" as alternatives.

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    Inopportune is a word that can be defined as not fitting the situation. It is often used when a situation does not call for something that is not nice, or when something bad is about to happen. It is often used as an adjective to describe something that is not desired or necessary. For example, "I was inopportune with my comment about the party" or "I was inopportune with the timing of my presentation." Inopportune can refer to anything from a situation to a comment, and can be used to express regret or annoyance.

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