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An inset is a small picture or map that appears within a larger one. There are several synonyms for the word inset, including inlay, interjection, interlude, interposition, addition, supplement, fraction, segment, and appendage. Each term implies a small addition to a larger whole, often with the intent of providing additional information or context. Inlays, for example, are small decorative elements that are embedded within a larger surface, such as a piece of furniture or jewelry. Interpositions and interjections are actions that interrupt or interject into a larger conversation or situation, much like an inset interrupts and adds to a larger image. Regardless of the specific term used, insets offer a way to augment and enhance a larger whole, with an added layer of detail or context.

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How to use "Inset" in context?

Inset is a type of furniture commonly used in many different types of living spaces. It is an addition to a wall that can be functional, decorative and/or to provide support. Inset furniture is often composed of several pieces that fit in a space between the wall and floorboards, or that can be hung on the wall. Styles range from a simple rectangle shape to more intricate designs.

Functionality is key when considering inset furniture. Functionally designed insets can hide wires, outlets and other obstacles in a wall.

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