What is another word for inside information?

Pronunciation: [ɪnsˈa͡ɪd ˌɪnfəmˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Inside information is a term used to describe non-public information, often obtained through privileged access, which can give the holder an unfair advantage over others. Synonyms for inside information include insider knowledge, confidential information, privileged information, and non-public information. Other synonyms for this term may include classified information, undisclosed information, secret knowledge, and private knowledge. These terms are commonly used in legal and financial circles, and can refer to information obtained from sources such as company insiders, government officials, or other trusted sources. Using such information for personal gain may constitute insider trading, which is illegal and can result in criminal prosecution.

Synonyms for Inside information:

What are the hypernyms for Inside information?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Inside information

  • There is something about inside information which seems to paralyse a man's reasoning powers.
    Bernard Baruch
  • My number one goal was not getting 'A's' - and I proved it. I was a 'C' student. You have to be ready to learn. If you're not interesting in learning, it doesn't work. As I grew older and wanted to learn and desperately wanted inside information, learning was a lot easier.
    Brian Lamb
  • Right, but there's expertise and then there's inside information. And I think we have to make a distinction.
    Daniel Okrent
  • Get inside information from the president and you will probably lose half your money. If you get it from the chairman of the board, you will lose all of your money.
    Jim Rogers
  • On the Internet, inside information is currency, and there will always be counterfeiters among us.
    J. Michael Straczynski

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