What is another word for instructions?

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Instructions are an essential part of our daily lives as they guide us on how to do a task. Synonyms for "instructions" include directions, guidance, guidelines, orders, commandments, mandates, and protocols. Directions refer to establishing the path to follow or defining the operation's movements. Guidance refers to providing assistance and clarity. Guidelines refer to the set of rules established for a particular task. Orders refer to the authoritative command given by a superior. Commandments refer to the set of religious or moral beliefs that guide behavior. Mandates are official orders or directives from a government or authority. Protocols refer to the standard operating procedures for a particular task or situation.

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How to use "Instructions" in context?

Instructions are the bread and butter of computers. Without them, our machines would be useless. We're given simple steps to follow, but so often we forget what we were supposed to do. Step one, insert disc. Step two, choose operating system. Step three, choose language. Step four, type in password. Isn't it amazing how we already know how to use our computers, even though we've never done it before?

Instructions are a necessity for any computer, but not everyone is comfortable with them. Many people like to be able to explore their computers on their own.

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