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Integral denotes something which is essential, crucial, or indispensable. It carries the meaning of being necessary or intrinsic to a whole or system. The word has several synonyms, including essential, fundamental, important, basic, necessary, and vital. All of these words convey the importance of something to a larger whole or system. Other synonyms for integral include inherent, innate, and innate, which emphasize the natural or inherent qualities of something. Indispensable, core, key, and requisite are other synonyms that emphasize the importance of something as being necessary for the success of a larger system or project. In essence, integral has a range of synonyms that communicate the importance of something to a whole.

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How to use "Integral" in context?

Integral is a mathematical term used to describe a quantity that is a combination of more basic quantities. Integrals are used in physics, engineering, and other sciences to calculate rates of change, areas under curves, and other important quantities. Integrals can be difficult to understand and calculate, but they can offer a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.

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