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Integration refers to the process of combining different parts into a unified whole. Synonyms for integration include assimilation, incorporation, unification, amalgamation, synthesis, consolidation, convergence, and fusion. Assimilation is the process of blending or absorbing individuals or groups into a larger culture or society. Incorporation refers to the act of including or bringing something into an existing system or structure. Unification is the merging of separate entities, while amalgamation is the combination of two or more things into a single entity. Synthesis is the process of combining different ideas into a new whole. Consolidation involves the strengthening or making more stable of a system or situation. Convergence refers to the coming together of different ideas or processes, and fusion involves the blending of different elements into a new whole.

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The integration of immigrants into the United States is a process that has been ongoing for centuries. Integrating immigrants into U.S. society is a difficult task, and it is not always successful. The main reason for this is that many immigrants come from different cultures and societies, and they may not be able to adapt easily to American life.

There are a number of ways that the United States tries to integrate immigrants into society. One method is to provide immigrants with language training and education. This helps them to learn about American culture and way of life, and it can help them to become better assimilated into U.S. society.

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