What is another word for intend?

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The word "intend" means to have a purpose or plan in mind. There are many synonyms for this word that express the same or similar meaning. Some of the synonyms for "intend" are: plan, aim, design, contemplate, propose, scheme, resolve, hope, aspire, intend, purpose, project, mean, expect, want, anticipate, target, foresee, and determine. Each synonym connotes a slightly different nuance, and some may be more appropriate in certain contexts than others. Nevertheless, these synonyms can be useful for improving one's vocabulary and communication skills, and for expressing ideas and intentions more precisely and powerfully.

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How to use "Intend" in context?

When we speak of "intent" we are referring to the mental plan or wishes that we have for something. Intent can be very complex and often includes either a goal or a desired outcome. When we have intent, we are motivated to act in a certain way in order to bring about the desired results. Intent can be strong or weak, depending on the level of conviction we have in our goal. Intent can be clarified in many ways- for example, when we say that we are going to study for an exam, we have strong intent because we are committed to achieving our goal.

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