What is another word for inter-related?

Pronunciation: [ɪntˈɜːɹɪlˈe͡ɪtɪd] (IPA)

Inter-related is a term that describes the connection or correlation between two or more things. It can be used to indicate the interaction between different components of a system or the interdependence between various factors. Some possible synonyms for inter-related include interconnected, interdependent, interwoven, intertwined, linked, associated, correlated, and dependent. All of these terms suggest a close relationship between different elements, with each one affecting or being affected by the others. Whether discussing social, economic, environmental, or technological systems, recognizing the inter-related nature of different factors is essential for understanding how they operate and how to address any problems that arise.

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What are the opposite words for inter-related?

Inter-related refers to the connection between two or more things that are closely associated with one another. Antonyms to this word are not directly opposite, but they reflect the opposite meaning of 'inter-related.' One such antonym is 'unrelated,' which means that two or more things are independent of each other with no association or connection. Another antonym is 'disconnected,' referring to things that are not linked or don't have a relationship with each other. 'Isolated' is yet another antonym for 'inter-related,' indicating something that is alone or kept apart from others, showing absolutely no connection. Antonyms for 'inter-related' mainly deal with things that are independent, unconnected or not linked to each other.

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Famous quotes with Inter-related

  • Excluded by my birth and tastes from the social order, I was not aware of its diversity. Nothing in the world was irrelevant: the stars on a general's sleeve, the stock-market quotations, the olive harvest, the style of the judiciary, the wheat exchange, flower-beds. Nothing. This order, fearful and feared, whose details were all inter-related, had a meaning: my exile.
    Jean Genet
  • When we study the habits of animals in a truly sympathetic way and become thoroughly acquainted with them and with the work that each one is performing, we shall see that each one has its place in the economy of God's world, that each has its part to play, and that even so far as the animal world is concerned we are all related and inter-related. If we destroy or permit to be destroyed that marvellous balance which the Divine Power has instituted in the Universe, we do it at our own peril. Instead, then, of being the enemies of the animal world, instead of being its persecutors and its destroyers, we should be its friends and helpers.
    Ralph Waldo Trine
  • One beginning and one ending for a book was a thing I did not agree with. A good book may have three openings entirely dissimilar and inter-related only in the prescience of the author, or for that matter one hundred times as many endings.
    Brian O'Nolan

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