What is another word for interdiction?

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Interdiction is a noun that means to prohibit or forbid something. It involves preventing or stopping a particular action or practice. There are a number of synonyms for interdiction that can be used in various situations. These include prohibition, prohibitionist, ban, restriction, embargo, exclusion, and disallowance. All of these terms are used to describe the act of preventing or forbidding something. However, while they share a similar meaning, each word has its own particular connotations that make it more or less suitable for specific situations. For example, prohibition implies a legal restriction, while exclusion suggests the act of keeping something or someone out of a particular group or place.

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Interdiction is a term used in international law to refer to the prohibition of the importation, exportation, and transportation of munitions and other war materials. The term is also used to refer to the various measures taken to enforce these prohibitions. Interdiction is a critical aspect of the effort to prevent armed conflicts from escalating into full-scale wars.

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