What is another word for interfere?

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Interfere is a verb that refers to the act of stopping, hindering, or disrupting something or someone. Synonyms for interfere include meddle, intrude, intervene, obstruct, impede, hinder, disrupt, interrupt, perturb, and interfere with. Interfere is often used in negative contexts, as it implies a lack of respect for someone's privacy or autonomy. For instance, one can interfere with someone's personal space, privacy, or work. It is important to note that interference can be intentional or unintentional, but its consequences are often negative. Therefore, it is important to use synonyms for interfere wisely and avoid excessive meddling or interference.

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    There is a big distinction between "interfering" and "meddling." Interfering is simply doing something that doesn't directly harm or change the situation at hand. Meddling, on the other hand, is actively trying to change or interfere with the situation without permission. For instance, if a neighbor is trying to fix the furnace, it would be meddling to help him without asking.

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