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Interlace is a word that refers to the intertwining or weaving together of two or more things. Some synonyms for interlace include intertwine, interweave, braid, plait, twine, knit, tangle, mesh, link, and connect. These words all describe different ways in which objects can be joined or intertwined. Interweave and entwine, for example, both suggest a more complex and intricate form of interlacing, while connect and link may imply a more simple and direct type of connection. Regardless of their nuances, all of these words convey the idea of two or more things coming together in some sort of overlapping or interlocking pattern.

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How to use "Interlace" in context?

Interlacing is a process of inserting successive images into a moving image as they are captured on film or television. It is a technique often used to make the image appear more smooth and less jagged, by allowing the viewer's eyes to "skip" over the individual frames without noticing the intermittent gaps.

Interlacing is generally applied to motion pictures and television shows in order to reduce the amount of image data that needs to be transmitted during playback, and also to reduce the time required to generate a display.

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