What is another word for interlacing?

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Interlacing can be described as the act of weaving or intertwining something together. Synonyms for interlacing might include intertwining, weaving, braiding, entwining, enlacing, lacing, plaiting, twisting, twining, or wreathe. You might use the term interlocking, interweaving, or interlinking to describe a more complex form of interlacing. Additionally, the term intermeshing could also be used as a synonym for interlacing. Whatever word you choose, all of these synonyms share the common idea of two or more objects, materials, or concepts being woven or woven together in a complex manner, creating a larger, unified structure.

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How to use "Interlacing" in context?

Interlacing is a type of animation technique in which two or more frames are displayed together, often with a "blurring" effect between the frames. The technique is also sometimes called progressive drawing. It was first used in primitive motion comics and is still used in certain video games.

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