What is another word for intermix?

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Intermix is a versatile word that can have several synonyms depending on the context in which it is used. Some of the common synonyms for intermix include blend, mix, mingle, merge, combine, intermingle, and fuse. When used in the context of food, the word blend is more appropriate. For instance different fruit and vegetables are usually blended to make a smoothie. Mingle or merge can be used to describe the combination of people or cultures. The words combine, intermingle, and fuse can describe the integration of different elements to make a coherent whole. Ultimately, the appropriate synonym for intermix depends on the intended use of the word.

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How to use "Intermix" in context?

Intermix, a term coined by sociologist of color Robin DiAngelo, refers to the ways in which different ethnic and racial groups inhabit the same space. In the U.S., where a white supremacist society exists, intermixing between people of color can be dangerous and lead to exploitation.

Despite the risks, many people of color have chosen to live and work among whites, because in white neighborhoods, they have access to better education, economic opportunities, and health care. They also find that white people are more likely to support their civil rights, which is why white allies are important.

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