What is another word for intervals?

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There are various synonyms for the word "intervals" that can be used in different contexts. One such synonym is "periods," which is often used to describe regular breaks or pauses in a longer duration of time. Another synonym is "spacing," which refers to the distance or gap between two objects or events. "Interludes" can describe brief intervals or temporary breaks within a longer performance or activity. "Gaps" can also imply a similar meaning to intervals, describing the time or space between two things. Lastly, "pauses" or "breaks" can refer to short intervals in time where a person or activity stops or takes a break.

How to use "Intervals" in context?

Intervals are a way of specifying graduated amounts of time. In sequential terms, intervals may be represented by the letter "i". In absolute terms, intervals may be represented by the number "1000000000", which is equivalent to 10 seconds.

In mathematics, an interval is a measurable space containing two points in which we say that the difference between the two points is "not measurable". This means that we cannot say with certainty how large or small the difference is, but we can estimate it.

There are three types of intervals:

1) The first type of interval is the ordinal interval.

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