What is another word for Intervened?

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[ ˌɪntəvˈiːnd], [ ˌɪntəvˈiːnd], [ ˌɪ_n_t_ə_v_ˈiː_n_d]

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How to use "Intervened" in context?

There are many things going on in the outside world that can distract us from the important things in our lives. This can be a problem when we try to make major decisions or when we are trying to change our behavior. A lot of times, it is helpful to have somebody else help us take the time to focus on what is important. That is where intervention comes in. Intervention is a type of support that is available to people who are struggling with a problem. Intervention can help the person to deal with the problem, and to change the way that they are behaving. There are different types of intervention, and they can be used in different ways.

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