What is another word for intuitive?

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Intuitive is a word that describes a person or thing that is capable of sensing or knowing something without conscious reasoning or analysis. Some synonyms for intuitive include instinctive, natural, inherent, intuitive, perceptive, and spontaneous. These words all describe a type of knowledge or understanding that is effortless and relies on a deep understanding or connection with a subject. Other synonyms for intuitive might include spontaneous, gut feeling, sixth sense, and unconscious knowledge. Regardless of which terms you choose to describe intuition, it is an important aspect of our ability to make decisions and navigate the world around us.

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    What is intuition? According to Merriam-Webster, intuition is a "glimpse or feel of something that is not apparent to the senses." It is a brain function that occurs without the help of logical thought. Intuition is a the word that is used to describe the ability to know something without being able to explain it. It is said that intuition is the first step of the thinking process and it is used to get a "glimpse" of something that is not apparent to the senses. Intuition is often said to be a personal power that is accessed by many people in different ways.

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