What is another word for invader?

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[ ɪnvˈe͡ɪdə], [ ɪnvˈe‍ɪdə], [ ɪ_n_v_ˈeɪ_d_ə]

There are various synonyms for the word invader, and each conveys a different tone or meaning. Some similar words for invader include aggressor, intruder, trespasser, raider, attacker, assailant, conqueror, and usurper. Aggressor denotes someone who initiates an attack, while intruder suggests an unwelcome or uninvited visitor. Trespasser implies someone who unlawfully enters a private property or territory. Raider, attacker, and assailant refer to individuals who launch a sudden and violent attack. Conqueror and usurper suggest someone who gains and maintains power or control through force or cunning methods. Depending on the context, one of these synonyms may be a better fit than "invader".

Synonyms for Invader:

How to use "Invader" in context?

Invaders refers to any creature, animal or plant that is not native to an area. Invaders can be anything from a fungus that causes a tree to fall to invading ants that take over an ant nest. Invaders can be helpful or harmful, but they are always an important part of any ecosystem.

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