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Invention is a creative process of discovering or innovating something entirely new. It requires imagination, curiosity, and technical skills to solve problems or improve existing ideas. Some synonyms for the word "invention" include discovery, creation, innovation, concoction, and breakthrough. A discovery is something found or uncovered that was previously unknown, like a scientific breakthrough or archaeological find. A creation is something made from scratch, like art, music, or literature. An innovation is an improvement or alteration of an existing concept or product. A concoction is a mixture of different substances, like a recipe or potion. And a breakthrough is a significant advance or achievement, especially in science or technology.

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The word "invention" comes from the Latin word inventus, which means "mishap-born." Nearly everything we use every day was invented at some point, from cars and airplanes to computers and smartphones. Inventions can be anything from small, everyday objects to lifesaving medical devices. Inventors are always working to challenge the status quo and surprise everyone with their creativity and innovation.

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