What is another word for investiture?

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Investiture refers to the formal ceremony where a person is appointed with an official position or rank. Synonyms for this word include installation, induction, inauguration, ordination, coronation, and enthronement. During an investiture, the individual being installed is given the authority and responsibility to carry out specific duties and uphold a particular set of values or beliefs. Other synonymic terms that can be used in relation to investiture include swearing-in, initiation, investiture ceremony, and inaugural ceremony. Each of these synonyms highlights the significance and importance of formally recognizing an individual's new position, and the commitments they have made to uphold the duties and values associated with it.

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    The investiture of a monarch is an event in European and British history, celebrated on King's or Queen's coronation day several weeks after the death or abdication of the reigning monarch. It is also celebrated on the accession of a new monarch. In France, the crowning of the king is an event in the calendar of saints.

    Three weeks after the death, abdication, or accession of a monarch, the councillors of state assemble in the Palace of Westminster in London to search for a new monarch.

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