What is another word for involuntarily?

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Involuntarily, meaning without choice or control, has several synonyms that can be used depending on the context. Unwillingly is one synonym that can be used when the action is done with reluctance or discomfort. Automatically can be used when the action is a reflex or done without conscious thought. Spontaneously is another synonym that can be used when the action is done impulsively or naturally. Unconsciously can be used when the action is done without awareness or intention. Finally, accidentally can be used when the action is done unintentionally or by chance. It's important to choose the right synonym for involuntarily to convey the correct meaning and tone of the sentence.

How to use "Involuntarily" in context?

The word "involuntarily" is a word that means without the persons choice or intention. The definition of the word involuntarily is something that happens without the person's choice or intention. This word is used to describe things that someone cannot or does not want to do. The word involuntarily is also used to describe something that is not wanted but nonetheless happens. In some cases, involuntarily can also be used to describe something that was not planned or expected.

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