What is another word for Iran?

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[ ɪ_ɹ_ˈa_n], [ ɪɹˈan], [ ɪɹˈan]

Synonyms for Iran:

iran (noun) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Iran:

  1. hahn, jan, fan, kahn, john, clan, span, ron, gran, on, mann, mon, van, ban, khan, plan, spawn, ran, yon, swan, conn, man, klan, can, nan, shan, won, tan, don, lan, an, han, pan, xian, wan, scan;
  2. chiffon, baton, salon, began, pecan, ceylon, yuan, amman, rodin, tehran, forgone, divan, milan, saigon, gabon, taiwan, cyan, bataan, anon, javan, oman, rattan, odds-on, sedan, koran, japan, cheyenne, walk-on, nippon, sichuan, bhutan, sudan, cezanne, sorbonne;
  3. kazakhstan, whereupon, rapprochement, overran, teheran, thereupon, denouement;
  4. azerbaijan, catamaran;

Quotes for Iran:

  1. If there's another 9/11 or a major war in the Middle -East involving a U. S. attack on Iran I have no doubt that there will be, the day after or within days an equivalent of a Reichstag fire decree that will involve massive detentions in this country. Daniel Ellsberg.
  2. Iran stands behind a substantial number of terrorist actions against us, together with Hizballah and the Islamic Jihad. It pretends to care for the Palestinians. Moshe Katsav.
  3. The "Axis of Evil" was- and is- very real, as the tyrants of Iran Iraq, and North Korea knew full well. Michael Ledeen.

Adjectives for Iran:

  • tral and southern,
  • free and democratic,
  • tral,
  • more great,
  • free,
  • modern and moribund,
  • modern,
  • portugal, northern,
  • portugal.