What is another word for ironing?

Pronunciation: [ˈa͡ɪ͡ənɪŋ] (IPA)

There are various synonyms available in the English language to describe the process of ironing. One of the most common synonyms is 'pressing' which refers to the act of smoothing out the wrinkles and creases on clothes using a hot iron instrument. Another synonym for ironing is 'flattening' which means to make a crumpled or wrinkled item smooth by applying pressure with a heated iron or another flat object. A third synonym for ironing is 'dressing,' which is often used to refer to the process of preparing clothes for a formal occasion. The word 'smoothing' is also a good alternative for the term 'ironing' as it reflects the process and end result of ironing. Other synonyms that describe this process include 'taming,' 'neatening,' and 'blazing.' Regardless of which synonym you choose, the end goal remains the same: to create a smooth, wrinkle-free appearance.

Synonyms for Ironing:

What are the hypernyms for Ironing?

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What are the opposite words for ironing?

Ironing is the process of flattening and smoothing clothes using a heated iron. The word "ironing" has several antonyms that describe actions opposite to its meaning. The first antonym is "wrinkling," which means to create creases or folds on a fabric. The opposite of ironing can also be "crumpling" that refers to forming a garment into a small, tight mishmash. Another antonym for ironing is "rumpling" which means to make wrinkles or folds in something untidy or with a clumsy movement. Ironing is an essential task of laundry, but these antonyms showcase how different actions can lead to the opposite effect.

What are the antonyms for Ironing?

Usage examples for Ironing

Val, ironing one of her ruffled white aprons, looked up quickly, turned rather pale, and then stiffened perceptibly for the conflict that was coming.
"Lonesome Land"
B. M. Bower
ironing-board is placed between the kitchen table and the sink, a basket of dampened clothes under it.
"Contemporary One-Act Plays Compiler: B. Roland Lewis"
Sir James M. Barrie George Middleton Althea Thurston Percy Mackaye Lady Augusta Gregor Eugene Pillot Anton Tchekov Bosworth Crocker Alfred Kreymborg Paul Greene Arthur Hopkins Paul Hervieu Jeannette Marks Oscar M. Wolff David Pinski Beulah Bornstead Herma
She felt she needed an outing once a week, and five days' steady washing and ironing was surely enough.
"In Wild Rose Time"
Amanda M. Douglas

Famous quotes with Ironing

  • My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.
    Erma Bombeck
  • I buried a lot of my ironing in the back yard.
    Phyllis Diller
  • I'm eighteen years behind in my ironing.
    Phyllis Diller
  • You can't get spoiled if you do your own ironing.
    Meryl Streep
  • I came home every Friday afternoon, riding the six miles on the back of a big mule. I spent Saturday and Sunday washing and ironing and cooking for the children and went back to my country school on Sunday afternoon.
    Ida B. Wells

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