What is another word for irrefutable?

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"Irrefutable" means something that cannot be disputed or denied. There are many synonyms that we can use in place of this word. Some options include "undeniable," "incontrovertible," "indisputable," "unquestionable," "inarguable," "undeniably true," "unassailable," "beyond doubt," and "certain." These words emphasize the importance of accurate evidence to support a claim and they all convey the meaning of undeniable truth. Whether you want to sound more sophisticated in writing or speaking, or simply want to diversify your vocabulary, there are many synonyms available to fulfill your needs when conveying the idea of something that is without doubt or question.

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How to use "Irrefutable" in context?

Irrefutable is an adjective that refers to something that cannot be disproved. For example, a piece of evidence that is irrefutable is impossible to refute.

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