What is another word for irrevocably?

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[ ɪɹɪvˈɒkəblɪ], [ ɪɹɪvˈɒkəblɪ], [ ɪ_ɹ_ɪ_v_ˈɒ_k_ə_b_l_ɪ]

Irrevocably is a powerful word that denotes final and irreversible actions or events. Synonyms for irrevocably include irreversibly, permanently, unalterably, conclusively, decisively, irremediably, past recall, irreparably, and finally. Each of these words emphasizes the irreversible nature of a situation or event beyond any hope of reversal or change. Irreversible and irreparably suggest that the damage is beyond repair, while permanently and unalterably highlight the enduring and unchangeable nature of something. Conclusively and decisively emphasize the finality of a situation, and irremediably and past recall suggest an uncorrectable state of affairs.

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    Irrevocably means "cannot be revoked or changed," and this word is often used in legal contexts. For example, a contract may be irrevocably binding, meaning that once it is signed, it cannot be changed. This also often applies to court orders. Irrevocably means that once something is set in stone, it cannot be undone.

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