What is another word for irritate?

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Irritate is a common word used to describe annoyance, frustration, or dissatisfaction. Synonyms for irritate include aggravate, vex, exasperate, bother, annoy, provoke, rile, peeve, and irk. Each of these synonyms can be used to describe a situation where someone is being bothered or frustrated. For example, a person might be aggravated by a loud noise, vexed by a difficult task, or exasperated by a troublesome person. Using synonyms for irritate can help to create more variety in your writing and to express ideas with greater precision. These synonyms can also help to avoid repetition and keep your writing engaging for readers.

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How to use "Irritate" in context?

Something that irritates someone is something that makes them feel upset, angry, or frustrated. It can be anything from a rude person to an uncomfortable circumstance. Generally, irritations build up until someone describes them as an annoyance. Irritation can often be a sign of something more serious, like a mental disorder.

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