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The jacamar is a beautiful bird known for its long, pointed beak, colorful feathers, and elegant flying. However, there are several synonyms for "jacamar" that also describe this bird, such as "puffbird," "spotted puffbird," and "black-billed puffbird." Other terms used to refer to jacamars include "emerald toucanet," "coppery-chested jacamar," and "great jacamar." These synonyms emphasize the unique features of this bird and help to identify the many different species of jacamars found around the world. Whether you call it a "jacamar" or a "puffbird," this stunning and exotic bird is sure to captivate bird watchers and nature enthusiasts alike.

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Jacamar (Icantha chrysolopha) is a brightly colored bird found in the Andes of Northern Argentina, Uruguay and Southern Brazil. At just under 10 inches long, with a long tail, it is a smaller relative of the jacanas. Jacamar are often seen perched on high trees, watching passerby. Jacamar eat insects, fruits, and flowers.

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