What is another word for jack-tar?

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The term "jack-tar" is an informal way of referring to a sailor or seafarer. There are several synonyms for this term, including "mariner," "seaman," "salt," "able seaman," and "tar." Each of these terms is commonly used to describe someone who works on a ship or has a career in the maritime industry. However, the term "jack-tar" is considered somewhat outdated these days and is rarely used in modern times. Regardless of which term is used, sailors and seafarers play a vital role in shipping, navigation, and the transportation of goods and people across the world's oceans.

How to use "Jack-tar" in context?

Jack-tar is a man-sized, ferocious animal with a long, sticky tongue and a sharp, serrated claws. It is a marsupial, meaning it possesses a pouch in its abdominal region that can hold its young.

The jack-tar is found throughout Australia and is considered to be a dangerous animal. It is capable of leaping considerable distances and has a powerful bite. It feeds primarily on animals such as rabbits, kangaroos, and camels. It has also been known to attack humans, although this is extremely rare.

The jack-tar is classified as a vulnerable species and is at risk of becoming extinct.

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