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There are plenty of synonyms that can be used in place of the word "joined". One alternative is "united", which implies the coming together of separate entities to form one cohesive whole. Another option is "attached", which can refer to physically connecting two things or linking them together figuratively. "Collaborated" is another possibility, which indicates a cooperative effort between individuals or groups. Similarly, "coalesced" can be used to describe the merging of two or more entities. "Conjoined" is also a synonym for joined, and suggests a more permanent or lasting connection. Lastly, "interlocked" implies a mutual dependence or interconnectedness between two things.

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    When two people are joined, the two become one. In many ways, the term "joined" can be seen as a metaphor for the relationship between the two people. While the joining of two people may be physical, it can also be seen as a joining of their minds and hearts. When two people are joined, they are one and can share any and all aspects of their lives. Joined relationships are incredibly special and often defy expectations. They can be profoundly rewarding and full of joy, but can also be incredibly challenging and full of tests. One of the most important things in a joined relationship is communication.

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