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Juggling is the art of keeping multiple objects in the air simultaneously. There are a plethora of synonyms for juggle, including toss, balance, handle, manage, cope with, deal with, and manipulate. These words all suggest the idea of controlling multiple things at once, whether it be objects, tasks, or responsibilities. Alternatives for juggle may vary in their connotation and usage, but all describe the skill or the need to multitask. Whether trying to balance work and personal life or mastering a new skill, understanding these synonyms can help express the idea of juggling in a more dynamic and varied manner.

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    A juggle is a trick that involves multiple objects being manipulation in order to achieve a desired outcome. Juggle tricks are often used in comedy, magic and as part of street performances. There are many different types of juggles, some of the most common being the cartwheel, juggling clubs, rings and balls.

    Juggling etiquette is important, as it can be very dangerous to perform a juggle without properly training and safety precautions in place. It is important to pay close attention to the person you are juggling with, and to never try to do a juggle that you are not confident in.

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