What is another word for jungle?

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The word "jungle" is often associated with dense forests and untamed wilderness. However, there are many other words that can be used as synonyms for this term. For instance, the word "rainforest" is often used to describe areas of lush vegetation located in tropical climates. "Wilderness" is another term that can be used to describe areas that are not easily accessible and that are largely untouched by human intervention. Finally, the word "thicket" can be used to describe areas of dense underbrush, often found in wooded areas. Whatever your preferred term may be, these synonyms all evoke a sense of wildness and untamed beauty.

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How to use "Jungle" in context?

Jungle is a colourful and noisy place; it is a habitat for many animals and plants. The plants and trees in a jungle grow very fast, because of the rich soil and plentiful water. The animals in a jungle are often very active, because they need to find food and find a place to hide from danger.

The jungle is a great place to find out more about animals that you would not normally see. For example, you may see a monkey in the jungle, but you may not see one in your city. A monkey in the jungle may be a much faster creature, because it has to find food and protect itself from danger.

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