What is another word for junior welterweight?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈuːnjə wˈɛltəwˌe͡ɪt] (IPA)

Junior welterweight is a term commonly used in boxing to describe fighters weighing between 130 to 140 pounds. However, there are several other synonyms for this weight class such as super lightweight, light welterweight, and junior lightweight. In some parts of the world, the term light welterweight is more commonly used. Nevertheless, regardless of the term used, this division has seen incredible fights and champions emerge over the years. Fighters such as Manny Pacquiao, Julio Cesar Chavez, and Oscar De La Hoya all competed in this weight division before moving on to greater things in their careers. Despite its small size, the junior welterweight division continues to remain a significant part of boxing.

Synonyms for Junior welterweight:

What are the hypernyms for Junior welterweight?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    boxer, professional fighter.

What are the hyponyms for Junior welterweight?

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