What is another word for kabbalah centre?

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[ kˈabalə sˈɛntə], [ kˈabalə sˈɛntə], [ k_ˈa_b_a_l_ə s_ˈɛ_n_t_ə]

The Kabbalah Centre, also known as the Centre for Kabbalistic Studies, is a spiritual organization that aims to provide guidance and teachings to those seeking a deeper understanding of Judaism and its mystical traditions. While the Kabbalah Centre is a widely recognized name, there are several synonyms that are often used to refer to this spiritual organization. These include the Kabbalah Learning Center, the Kabbalah Institute, the Kabbalah Society, the Kabbalah Research Center and the Kabbalah Foundation. All of these synonyms denote an institution that is dedicated to spreading the wisdom and teachings of Kabbalah and helping individuals achieve spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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How to use "Kabbalah centre" in context?

When people hear the word "kabbalah," they may think of esoteric practices and doctrines of Judaism. However, Kabbalah is more than just a religious practice. It is also a global movement that has been practiced for centuries. Today, there are hundreds of kabbalah centres around the world where people can learn and practice kabbalah.

Kabbalah centres can be found in various places around the world, including Israel, the US, Canada, Spain, and Germany. They offer classes and workshops that teach people about kabbalah.

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