What is another word for Kabuki?

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Kabuki is a traditional Japanese theatrical form that originated in the Edo period of Japan. It is characterized by its elaborate costumes, stylized acting, and make-up. There are many synonyms for the word Kabuki, such as Japanese classical theater, Noh theater, and Bunraku puppet theater. These forms of theater have similarities to Kabuki, such as the use of elaborate costumes and makeup, but they also have their unique characteristics. Noh theater is known for its use of masks and minimalist sets, while Bunraku puppet theater uses lifelike puppets to portray characters. Understanding the synonyms for Kabuki offers a broader appreciation for the rich tapestry of cultural expression in Japan.

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    How to use "Kabuki" in context?

    Kabuki is considered Japan's national theater, and it is one of the country's most renowned cultural exports. Kabuki combines elements of classical dance, music, and drama to tell tales of love, revenge, and war. Famous for its vibrant colors, comprehensive costumes, and exuberant acting, Kabuki is a must-see for anyone visiting Japan.

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