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Kachin is a word that refers to a group of people living in the Kachin State of Myanmar. The term is also used to refer to the Kachin language that these people speak. In English, there are a few alternative terms that are often used in place of Kachin. These include Jinghpaw, Rawang, and Singpho. Jinghpaw is the most commonly used term and is the preferred name of the Kachin people themselves. Rawang is another term used in Myanmar, while Singpho refers specifically to a subgroup of Kachin people living in India and China. These synonyms can be useful to avoid confusion or to provide more specific information when discussing the Kachin people and language.

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The kachin are a unique people inhabiting the Kachin State of Burma. The Kachin are a mountainous, Tibeto-Burman people numbering around 1.4 million people. The Kachin State is located in the north-east of Myanmar. The Kachin people are categorised as one of the 56 ethnic minorities in Burma. The Kachin are divided into three main dialects: the Kochin, Kawthoumya and Taingmaw. The Kachin people have a rich culture and history. The Kachin people are known for their warlike ways.

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